Immerse Yourself in Culture: 336 East 117th St.


Lying just above the Upper East Side, this neighborhood is best known for its deep cultural roots and Spanish flair. Filled with murals, authentic food, and many neighbors who have been in the area for generations, East Harlem is overflowing with heart and soul. It’s also known for being extremely accessible and close to beautiful Central Park! As many say, this is a neighborhood on the rise that’s worth experiencing.

Originally an Italian neighborhood in the 1800s, East Harlem is now filled with culture from a variety of backgrounds. You can find art and food of almost any style here, although Cuban, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, and Caribbean influences are among the most notable. 

Our apartments for rent at 336 East 117th St.are located in the heart of the history. These 3 bedroom apartments come renovated and fully furnished, complete with dishwashers and in-house washers and dryers! Our apartment located on the first floor of this building even includes a private backyard. With our flexible lease terms of 3-12 months, a place like this could be all yours, no matter how long or short the stay.

Not only is the apartment curated just for you, but it’s location was chosen specifically for you too! Calling this building’s location convenient may actually be an understatement. The East River Plaza, complete with all of the big name stores you can rarely find in Manhattan, is directly next door, and Thomas Jefferson Park, which overlooks the Harlem River, is just three blocks away. City living has never felt so ideal. 

What is the East River Plaza you ask?

Originally opened in 2009, this shopping mall is an unusual site to see in such a crowded city…and that’s because it’s the first of its kind. Considered Manhattan’s most convenient retail shopping destination, this power center is currently home to 12 stores and services:

  • Aldi

  • Applebee's

  • Bob's Discount Furniture

  • Burlington Coat Factory

  • Costco

  • GameStop

  • Marshalls

  • Old Navy

  • PetSmart (includes PetSmart Hotel and Grooming Spa)

  • Planet Fitness

  • Starbucks

  • Target 

But what about Thomas Jefferson Park you say?

According to many, this park is most notable for two reasons: it’s packed to the brim with things to do, and it’s overflowing with a community of friendly neighbors. The park first opened in 1905, originally for the children of the “Little Italy” area, as it was known at the time. Since, it has been expanded and renovated many times and is now filled with:

  • Barbecuing areas

  • Basketball and handball courts

  • Dog friendly areas

  • Baseball, soccer, and football fields

  • Playgrounds

  • Running tracks

  • Recreation centers

  • Spray showers

  • Outdoor pools

  • Media labs

  • Wi-Fi hot spots

  • Skate parks

  • Fitness equipment 

Although it's clear that you don’t have to travel far to find what you need here, the best part about this apartment’s location may actually be its easy access to many areas of the city, both near and far. Although East Harlem may seem farther north than other areas of the city, with the local 6 train and express 4 and 5 trains nearby, relocating downtown is a breeze. 

If staying closer to home is more of what you’re interested in, not to worry! The area is even known specifically for its abundance of local own businesses.

We suggest checking out places like:

Or…for some beautiful scenery, head to the 6-acre Conservatory Garden, recognized as the only formal garden in Central Park, or the Graffiti Hall of Fame, which has been around since 1980. 

Regardless of your interests and desires, it is safe to say that East Harlem has something for everyone. 

Reach out to schedule a showing today!

Roomrs Scholarship Program: Spring Semester Edition

Just as the leaves are beginning to fall, the winter coats are coming out, and the holiday season is creeping up, fall semester is slowly but surely coming to a close.

What does that mean? Well plenty of things of course! For starters, it’s almost Finals Week!!! But more importantly, it’s time for Roomrs’ Second Biannual Scholarship Program!

Since the program is still fairly new, I am here to explain everything you need to know (and then some) so you can fill out your application, and tell your friends to apply, or your friend’s friends to apply, or your family, or maybe even tell your family’s friends (or friend’s family, I don’t know your life, just spread the word, okay?)

First and foremost, what exactly is the Roomrs’ Scholarship Program you ask?

In short, this is an application-based program that occurs twice a year (before each new semester). For each winner, Roomrs will defray the cost of rent in a Roomrs apartment for the entire upcoming semester!

TL;DR: you get a free fully-furnished (amenities included) room for all of Spring 2019!

Sounds like a great deal, but why does Roomrs want to give away a room for free?

In all honesty, it’s pretty simple actually. Roomrs’ mission is not just to offer affordable, convenient housing. Our mission is also to help build a strong community of generous, thoughtful, and collaborative people. We believe in creating a space that supports and fosters your personal growth. We believe in the power of giving back and helping those around us. And we wholeheartedly believe that “community” begins with you.

Each semester we look to find exemplary students who have a passion for making a difference and a desire to be a positive example for their surrounding community. Each semester we reward one of these students by defraying their rent, because we believe in what they’re doing and want to help them to create a greater impact. An impact on their current community, an impact on our Roomrs community, and an impact on the communities that they will surround themselves with in the future.

Okay cool, but do i QUALIFY?

You qualify for the program if you are:

  • 18+ years old

  • A legal resident of the United States or have a valid U.S. Student Visa

  • Currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited college or university in NYC

  • Have a valid student ID, transcript, or other proof of enrollment

  • Maintaining a 3.5+ GPA

What if i’m already a Roomrs resident. Do i still qualify?

Absolutely! There is only one small difference for Roomrs residents…

If you are a current Roomrs resident and are chosen as the scholarship winner, you must live out your current lease terms before Roomrs can offer to defray your rent. You will just need to inform us of when your current lease will end and confirm that you will still be a full-time student at the time that your reward would kick in. As long as that’s the case, you quality, so get applying!

so i get it, but how do i apply?

To apply, you must submit one of the following:

  • 800-1500 word essay

  • 7-10 minute video

In your application you must tell us:

  • A bit about yourself

  • How you’ve contributed to your community

  • How you will contribute to the Roomrs Community as a member

  • How the scholarship will positively impact you

Outside of those requirements, you can share whatever you would like, so feel free to get creative and fun!

When and How do I submit my application?

Application Deadline: December 15th, 2018.
Submit all applications to:

The winner will be contacted the final week of December 2018!

For more information about Roomrs, the scholarship program, and anything else in between, check us out on Instagram (you can always send us a DM) or email us at!!

Be a Part of Something Different... 467 Central Avenue


About a 30 minute subway ride outside of Manhattan, Bushwick is one of, if not the, biggest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn in recently years. With its more industrial feel and art-lined streets, this neighborhood has been quickly gaining attention for its trendiness and creativity. Overflowing with galleries, hip restaurants, thrift stores, and event venues, Bushwick has learned how to appeal to a crowd of both locals and visitors alike.

Our apartments for rent at 467 Central Avenue in Bushwick are right in the heart of the magic. Just blocks from the adorable Irving Square Park, this apartment complex is our second building that is fully owned, renovated, and rentable by Roomrs. Recently redesigned and revamped by our interior design team, it comes complete with six separate apartments, each with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. We genuinely cannot express how excited we are about this new building.

Each apartment is decorated differently, with beautiful stained doors, unique tiling, refurbished wooden floors, and windows that bathe the bedrooms in natural light. 

Not only that, but the building comes fully equipped with a video intercom system, all new appliances and fixtures in each apartment, a laundry room in the building, and rooftop access for a view of the entire city skyline. The first floor apartments are also multi-level, including a spiral staircase connecting the floors.

With our flexible lease terms of 3-12 months, a brand new place like this could be all yours, and for the time frame that works best for you. City living has never been so easy, but it's never been so stylish either! 

Want to Know More About Bushwick? 

The area is known for appealing to a diverse and eclectic group of individuals. With typically quieter streets than many other areas of New York, Bushwick is also great for car owners, bikers, and public transit riders alike. Regardless of your mode of transportation, it won't take you long to find plenty of places that will peak your interest nearby...

For art junkies and gallery visitors: 

  • The Bushwick Collective  - a gallery inspired by the area’s industrial roots, that promotes the use of graffiti as an art form

  • The Living Gallery - a gallery and event space working to unite people and inspire understanding through art

  • Wayfarers - an artist-run studio program and arts space supporting the development of experimental work through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, and performances

... but the area is overflowing with options, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

 For thrift store lovers:

For those who enjoy the weird and quirky: 

  • House of Yes - a creative collective and nightlife performance space known for its unique, wide-ranging events and guests

  • Jupiter Disco -a sci-fi themed, retro, 80s-style disco

  • Theatre XIV - a burlesque-ballet troupe and bar

  • Bizarre - a self-described hip haunt with a clubby vibe for craft cocktails, creative snacks & edgy live entertainment

For the foodies out there:

  • Roberta’s - a trendy and well-known wood-fire pizzeria

  • Carthage Must Be Destroyed - a unique, communal-style dining experience known for its instagram-worthy ambiance and brunch menu. 

For an outdoor experience and a taste of the historical must-sees

For those who want a little bit of everything: 

  • Kings County Brewers Collective - a spacious and creative brewery

  • Molasses Books - a rustic and cozy cafe and bookstore

  • Shops at the Loom - 20 boutique shops and stores, from a tattoo parlor and gallery space, to yoga studio and cycle shop, located within an old textile mill

  • Syndicated - a movie theater, bar, and kitchen all in one that features movies from cult classics to new indie films

  • Better Than Jam - a boutique filled with local, handmade products with a workshop offering classes related to textiles and craft arts

If You Couldn't Tell Already...

Although Bushwick has made a name for itself as a neighborhood filled with street art and up-and-coming bars and restaurants, it is safe to say it has more to offer than just that. The endless amount of sites to see and things to do make Bushwick a hot destination for people from all walks of life. 

And the best part is, if you want to step outside of the neighborhood, Bushwick also has easy access to Manhattan via the J, Z, L, and M trains. 

Reach out to schedule a showing today!
** Use code SAVE100 to save $100 of your application fee! ** 

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* pictures of bushwick via: 1. 2. 3. 4. *

Friendsgiving with Roomrs

What is it? What are we doing for it? Where and When?
Here is everything you need to know…

This year, we are celebrating the 1st Annual Roomrs’ Friendsgiving! What is that you say? I thought you’d never ask! We have a lot planned and we are so excited to tell you all about it…

Thanksgiving, for most, is a time for togetherness, giving, and lots and LOTS of food. Celebrated on the last Thursday of November, many of us see it as time to venture back to our hometowns, reunite with relatives, and attempt to avoid all aspects of political conversation while feasting on a plate of tryptophan.

For some of us at Roomrs though, the holiday is more than just that one day, and stretches throughout the month of November. Recently we spent some time sharing our own past experiences: from Friendsgivings with our own circles, to volunteer events within our local communities… and from there, Roomrs’ Friendsgiving was born!

What we’re trying to say is… we decided that we want to take each of our favorite aspects from the holiday (from togetherness to giving back), combine it all into one big event, and extend the invite to all of you!

This year, Roomrs Friendsgiving will be held on Friday, November 16th at 7pm at Lee’s Private Dining Room in Chinatown.

What can you expect at this event?

Well for starters, our very own Roomrs resident and Chef, Lucy Harding, will be preparing the main dish! Roomrs will be providing the sides and desserts, and you can bring any alcohol of your choosing!

Have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

Not a problem! Lucy will also be preparing a vegetarian entree and we’ll provide sides that are gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Along with that, if you have any specific concerns, you can reach out to our Community Team and they will make modifications accordingly.

Having said that…regardless of whether or not you’ve met Lucy yet, you probably don’t know much about her experience as a chef. Well that is all about to change! With her help, we have been working to put together a book of recipes, created by Lucy herself! The book is constantly growing and changing…but check it out so far (cough cough…click the picture below):

that’s not all, though!

Over the course of the night, we will have an event photographer, engaging activities, and food drive, too. Plus, during dinner, we’ll have musical performances by two amazing groups: Josh Peterson and Lenyx Rose and the Storytellers!

But wait, a food drive you say?

That’s right! Like we mentioned, to us Thanksgiving isn’t just about celebrating, it’s also about giving back. We have partnered with The Bowery Mission, a Manhattan based organization that has been serving the homeless and hungry since 1879. Everyday, the mission provides food, shelter, medical services, and employment assistance to the working poor and homeless men, women, and children of New York City. We love what they’re doing, and we want to help them!

To help, we will be donating 25% of ticket proceeds right to The Bowery Mission. AKA, you’re giving back just by attending!
But along with that, we will be accepting food donations too! As long as it follows the requirements below, they can take it (and we want to give it to ‘em):

  • Canned food

  • Non-perishable prepared foods (ie: fresh and sealed)

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables

To sum it all up….it’s going to be a big night, and we can’t wait to have you all there with us!
Seats are limited, so get your tickets here now!

Experience the History... 312 W. 114th St.


Morningside Heights, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is filled with an array of educational institutes like Columbia and Manhattan School of Music. Because of this, it is considered both an extremely settled and a highly transient neighborhood. To appeal to new and long term residents alike, Morningside Heights is bursting at the seams with restaurants, shops, bars, parks, and historical sites. Although it may be known for its younger crowd, the area is also known for its beautiful architecture, and for being quieter and calmer than most parts of Manhattan.

Our apartments for rent at 312 W 114th St. are in walking distance to it all! Right next to Morningside Park and next to Columbia University, this is building is located in one of the safest and most comfortable locations within the city. We currently have apartments with 3-5 bedrooms available, all of which are newly renovated and come completely furnished! 

The apartments also come equipped with all the amenities needed to truly be able to call this place home, including a dishwasher, in-unit washer and dryer, and even a brand new smart mattress that connects to your smart phone! With our flexible lease terms of 3-12 months, a place like this could be all yours, and for the time frame that works best for you. City living has never been so easy!

Want to Know More About Morningside Heights? 

Morningside Heights is a combination of history and serenity, filled with beautiful, century-old establishments like The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (the largest cathedral in the world), and The Riverside Church.

While here, you could take a trip to Sakura Park, known for its gazebo and abundance of cherry trees, Grant’s Tomb, known for its Mosaic Benches, or the northern portion of Central Park, often referred to as the North Woods. 

Maybe, instead, you’re more interested in the world-famous Tom’s Diner from Seinfeld, the literary haven that is Book Culture, Columbia Greenmarket open Thursdays and Sundays, or Levain’s Bakery, voted best cookies in New York City.

Although these attractions often draw a large audience, Morningside Heights is filled with an abundance of less touristy, still well-known bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, too!

For restaurants, we suggest checking out: 
Jin RamenMax SohaMama’s TooCommunity Food & JuiceMarlow BistroDinosaur Bar-B-Que, & Lolo’s Seafood Shack

For bars, check out: 
Broadway Dive BarLion’s Head TavernThe West EndBar Thalia, Arts and Crafts Beer ParlorThe Hamilton

For coffee, tea, and snacks: 
Hungarian Pastry ShopOren’s Daily RoastHex & CompanyDouble Dutch Espresso, & Artopolis 

Whether you’re one of the area’s many college age students, or a resident or visitor outside of that demographic, the sites to see and things to do in Morningside Heights will be well-worth the experience.

But also, for a little less tranquility and more hustle and bustle, you can always hop on the B, C, 1, 2, or 3 trains and be downtown in a matter of minutes! 

Reach out to schedule a showing today!
** Use code SAVE100 to save $100 of your application fee! ** 
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Feel Right at Home... 15 Jackson St.


To most, Williamsburg is like the lovechild of a big city and a small town. Just a bridge away from the Lower East Side and East Village, it is everything you want out of Manhattan, but with a smaller, more intimate feel. Populated by people of all ages and backgrounds, this neighborhood is a great place to find a wide array of restaurants, parks, music, nightlife, and weekend activities, all in one place. Plus, amazing views of the Manhattan skyline right at your disposal.

Our apartment for rent at 15 Jackson St. is right at the center of it all! A very modern building, conveniently located right off the expressway, with new wood floors and rooftop access (and views others dream of).


Complete with an elevator, laundry room, and a gym in the building, this brand new apartment has everything you need to make city living a breeze. 

We currently have rooms available for rent in our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. With our flexible lease terms of 3-12 months, this could all be yours, and for the time frame that works best for you!

Already a tenant and know someone who may also like to live here? Refer them! If they become a Roomrs tenant, you will receive a $100 off next month's rent as a bonus! 

Want to Know More About Williamsburg? 

If you’re looking for something to do or see, but don’t have anything specific in mind, Bedford Avenue has everything you’re looking for and more. Or you can head to one of the many breweries and bars in the area, like Brooklyn Brewery, Berry Park, Radegast Hall, or Freehold Brooklyn.
Williamsburg is also overflowing with parks and recreational facilities. At McCarren Park you can find plenty of basketball courts, baseball fields, tracks to run, grassy areas to relax, and even a public pool. You could also try East River State Park, for views of the water, and a taste of Smorgasburg, the seasonal food festival open on Saturdays.



Or venture over to the new Domino Park. Built next to the old Domino Sugar Refinery, this 6 acre park has something for all ages, with dining like Tacocina, playgrounds, fountains, fields, dog parks, and even community activities like volleyball and bocce.

The area also has renowned restaurants like Peter Luger’s Steak House, Egg, and Lilia. Given all of that, the neighborhood may be best known for its abundance of unique music venues and event spaces, like Nighthawk Cinema, Brooklyn Bowl, The Knitting Factory, Baby’s All Right, Rough Trade, Output, Union Pool, House of Vans, and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

If for some reason Williamsburg doesn’t have everything you want and more, you can hop on the G, L, M, or J trains to be in Manhattan, Queens, or another part of Brooklyn in a matter of minutes.

** Use code SAVE100 to save $100 of your application fee! ** 
Reach out to schedule a showing today!

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First Annual Women's Bruncheon & GRLKND Launch Event

This September, Roomrs hosted our First Annual Women’s Bruncheon in collaboration with Milly Bannister and the launch of her new brand, GRLKND.

With food and drinks provided by Brooklyn Crepe and Juice, and a panel of diverse, engaging women ranging in expertise, the event was intended to be a safe space for women of all experiences and backgrounds.


Social media influencer, Milly Bannister, began the conversation by outlining her newest project, GRLKND. She explained that she hopes to use the platform to empower young girls by reminding them to live their best, most confident lives, while simultaneously providing useful steps to achieve genuine success. 

Along with Milly, our panel was compromised of an eclectic group of female entrepreneurs, all sharing a common desire to increase the conversation surrounding taboo topics. Together, panelists created discussions with attendees about a variety of concepts, from women in the workplace and girl bosses, to women’s standing in relationships, female-specific health and wellness, and the stigma’s attached to each of these overall ideas.  

As each speaker shared and engaged with the audience, it quickly became clear that we all shared a common aspiration - to inspire confidence in how each individual looks and feels every day. 


Some highlights included a group meditation led by Roomrs' resident and certified yogi and mindfulness coach, Baylee Stokes. Through her exercises, she reminded us about how important it is to take a moment for yourself, each and everyday, to breathe, be present, and quiet your mind from all the noise of daily tasks and anxieties. 

Similarly, many of the other panelists, including founder of FlossBar, Eva, shared their stories and struggles surrounding a male-dominated work culture. Several of our attendees opened up and shared their own stories as well, breaking the barrier and reminding us that, ultimately, we are all connected.


We were even lucky enough to have the mother of one our the residents join us for the event. Over the course of the afternoon, she spoke to us about her relationship with her daughter, and the ways in which she had always aimed to empower in her parenting, while simultaneously allowing her daughter to learn her own lessons and make her own mistakes.

Among these highlights, we also heard from Leah, founder of the intimate clothing brand Love, Leah Leona. While with us, she touched on a variety of healthy eating habits and useful tips to increase body confidence. Izzy of Peach & Lily also attended and discussed the importance of skincare while handing out some amazing, exclusive products.


Finally, we heard from Sustain, a company striving to increase awareness with regards to female hygiene and sexual health. The discussion helped us to admit that we all have similar questions and insecurities, and that it is okay, in fact it’s comforting, to speak about them and understand that you are not alone.

We are still so humbled and honored to have had so many beautiful and powerful women attend this event - both on and off the panel. It is safe to say that each of us walked away with a sense of empowerment, courage, and community that we have rarely, if ever, felt before.


This event was just the beginning of Roomrs new, ongoing Speaker Series. With different topics each time, we aim to raise awareness, create a sense of intimacy, and ultimately share ideas between a wide array of individuals.

Is there a topic you’d be particularly interested in for our next Roomrs Speaker Series event? Send us a DM and let us know! 

A huge thank you to those of you who joined in on this special event, and stay tuned for more to come!

For the full album of pictures from the event, click here!

Roomrs Welcomes Scholarship Winner: Lucy Harding

After recognizing the vital connection between our company’s mission to build a strong, collaborative community, and our corporate desire to give back, the Roomrs’ Scholarship Program was born.  Since its creation, once a semester, we award one lucky recipient with defrayed cost of housing for the whole semester!

The overarching goal behind the Scholarship Program is to highlight a member of the community consciously making selfless efforts to helancp those around them. To determine each semester’s recipient, applicants must first submit an essay or video expressing their uniqueness, their current contributions to their community, and their visions to impact the Roomrs’ community as a resident.

For the Fall 2018 Program, we received a collection of compelling, passion-driven pieces written by an array of forward-thinking, community-minded individuals filled with diverse backgrounds and unique personal experiences. To say choosing only one winner was difficult is an drastic understatement.


Ultimately, we offered the Fall Semester 2018 Scholarship to Lucy Harding, a Food Studies major at The New School who comes to New York City via Scotland.

Lucy inspired us with her essay depicting her experiences a couple summers back as a chef at a refugee camp in Calais, France.

To give a quick background, beginning around 2015, rising numbers of displaced people traveled across the Mediterranean Sea seeking shelter in the UK and parts of France. In 2015 alone, over one million migrants, originating from areas within Africa, the greater Middle East, and other parts of Asia arrived in the European Union.

Refugee Community Kitchen, a volunteer-run and donations-based organization, has been serving meals and providing amenities to displaced refugees seeking shelter in areas of the UK and France since late 2015.

In her piece, Lucy explained how she learned about Refugee Community Kitchen in the summer of 2016, and immediately felt inclined to volunteer.


After moving to Calais in northern France, Lucy immersed herself in the community as the only chef alongside ten other RCK volunteers, cooking over a thousand hot meals a day. She expressed that, at the time, authorities were not sympathetic to the migrants, making Refugee Community Kitchen the only supplier of hot meals for those displaced.

Even through grueling conditions, bitter weather, and massive language barriers, Lucy managed to learn traditional recipes to comfort those struggling, and bridge gaps between the array of cultures within the camp.


She says that since this experience, she is committed to using food to empower communities, bring people together, and build connections through shared experiences. As previously mentioned, she is also further pursuing her passion for food and social justice as a current Food Studies major at The New School.

As the recipient of Roomrs’ Fall Scholarship, Lucy will also be working with us to create tailored events to engage our community using her previous experiences and love of cooking. In a way, she will be a pioneer in this, creating the first of many events where Roomrs gives back to the communities it serves.


As Or Goldschmidt states, “Roomrs is about community. Lucy represents the values we instill in the communities we build. Her story inspired us, and we are excited to be a part of her educational journey.”  

Congratulations, Lucy! Roomrs can’t wait to work further with you this semester!

For those of you looking to learn more about the Scholarship Program (for the Spring 2019 Semester and beyond), check out more information here.

Roomrs Guide to Pride

by Jose Useche, resident blogger

It’s June, and if the rainbow flags and logos all across the city haven’t given it away, it’s LGBT Pride Month! Roomors cares deeply for all our residents, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and anything in between. Why? Because it’s 2018 and we’re a New York City company with New York City values. Any values that discriminate based on sexuality, gender or orientation are values we have no time for. We’re just out here trying to offer sublime all-inclusive housing to young professionals of all shapes and sizes so they can be safe and happy.

Anyways, if you’re new to NYC, or the notion of Pride Month, we’re here to teach you all about it.

First things first: What is “Pride Month?"

Pride Month is a month designated by the LGBT community to celebrate their queer identities. It is often accompanied by a series of events that can range from film festivals, parades, marches, parties, and more. Pride commemorates the Stonewall Riots of 1969, a time period in which homosexual activity was illegal, and very few bars and restaurants even allowed LGBT patrons in. A police raid of the infamous Stonewall Inn, a bar that did welcome LGBT patrons, incited a series of violent protests by the LGBT community and helped lead the gay liberation movement. We think it’s especially important to note that a great deal of inciters at the Stonewall riots were trans POC. Stonewall Inn still stands today, in the West Village. If you’re looking to get your pride on, Stonewall is a safe bet.


How does New York do Pride Month?

Like nowhere else. Each borough hosts its own Pride March, but the largest, Manhattan’s, is on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at noon. It begins at 16th Street and Seventh Avenue, walks down to Christopher Street, and continues up Fifth Avenue to 29th Street. You can’t walk in the parade unless you are registered as a volunteer or with an organization that is walking, but tons of bars along the routes host events or have seats for viewing. People often walk alongside the parade on the sidewalk, so be ready to make friends, take lots of photos, and see some fabulous outfits. Here are some other Pride events we love:


Pride Party Time

Want to dance your heart out this summer for pride? We figured as such.

Pride Island, formerly Dance on the Pier, is a 2 day LGBTQ cultural experience on Hudson River Park’s Pier 97. Essentially a concert on steroids, ending with a glamorous fireworks display, party by the river the weekend of the Pride Parade with some killer pop stars and indie artists this June. Performers include Tove Lo, Lizzo, Kylie Minogue and Sasha Velour. Dates are June 23-24th.


House of YES, Brooklyn’s premier nightclub hosts a pride event that isn’t to be missed next weekend. “House of Vogue” is Wednesday June 21st stretching into the early hours of Thursday (hellooo 4am end time). Prepare to be eligible for up to $300 in cash prizes and sweat as you dance along to DJ MikeQ and other special guests. Here’s House of YES’ disclaimer for their vogue ball:

“Vogue Balls are an intentional space for queer and trans people of color. You may know about Vogue from Madonna, but it has roots in the historically marginalised urban black and Latino gay and trans communities. If you are not from this community - you are a white or straight ally - please be mindful of the space you take up [...] As a white or straight ally, the best way you can show your support and appreciation for ball culture is by buying drinks at the bar. By patronizing the bar, you make it possible for our venue to continue providing space to cultures like this.”

Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door!

If you’re feeling extra exclusive this pride, NYC Pride and Brian Rafferty Productions host an annual VIP Rooftop Party, running 8 years strong. On the illustrious Hudson Terrace, this event features 3-levels of partying, 3 hit DJs and an unbeatable view. The levels? Rooftop, Outdoor Terrace, Saloon. Tickets start at $75.

We <3 Food and Charities

We love to eat,  and we love to eat more when it supports a cause. The Center, NYC’s LGBT Community Center hosts a Garden Party featuring tastings from NYC’s hottest restaurants, complete with seasonal cocktails and wine. Tickets are $99 and all proceeds go towards the center for an evening of bites from Boqueria, Vice & Gold, Ample Hills Creamery and more. The event is on Hudson River’s Pier 84, so brace yourself for a killer sunset as well.

Savor Pride, an event in partnership with God’s Love We Deliver, a charity that delivers free meals to those too sick to shop or cook for themselves, hosts an LGBTQ Culinary experience. Set on God’s Love outdoor terrace, prepare to have 5 premier LGBTQ chefs walk you through an evening of cooking demonstrations, tastings, and of course, delicious meals.

Art with Heart

Landmark Theatre hosts a special series of LGBTQ classic films from June 18-21. After each screening will be a reception with drink specials and tickets are free. The lineup, in order, is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Tangerine,” “Desperate Living,” and “The Boys in the Band.”


Queer/Art, a non-profit devoted to helping mentor and foster the talent of Queer artists has an annual showcase of their Queer/Art/Mentorship alumni, in partnership with the Wythe Hotel.  Queer/Art/Pride and will be held from June 21-22nd and 5% of ticket sales go to Visual AIDS, an organization dedicated to raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness through art. Tickets starts at $12! Along with Queer/Art/Pride The Wythe Hotel also features its own series of pride events this week with parties and performances.

Finally, join the Joyce Theater Foundation, a new partner of NYC Pride for a week of dance. The two companies being showcased are two trailbazing contemporary dance companies, MADBOOTS DANCE and Sean Dorsey Dance. MADBOOTS is a queer, all-male dance troupe, and Sean Dorsey Dance is pioneered by transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey. The two companies will be performing in repertory and tickets range from $10-$46.

At Roomors, we realize the importance of pride, and want our residents to as well. For our LGBT residents, we know that in a world where acceptance isn’t always guaranteed, it’s important to feel safe, loved, and encouraged to embrace your identity. These events are a great way to celebrate yourself and of course have some fun. For our straight ally’s we hope this history helps you better support your LGBT family, and hope that you engage this month too! For more ideas we love Pride’s official website calendar, and of course, Time Out New York.

Say Hey to Independence Day!

By Jose Useche, resident blogger

Looking for plans this 4th of July? While it may seem like a good time to climb aboard a ship and dump boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor, the revolutionaries beat you to it. But not to worry! Roomors has got your back. We promise a good time and no taxation without representation. That was a history joke...sorry about that.

Anyways, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest places to get your ‘Merica on! Get your flags and Ray-Bans ready kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hit the beach!


As you may already know, NYC is home to plenty of beaches easily accessible by ferry or the train, but one beach is especially lit for July 4th. Coney Island, just off the N, D, F or Q trains, hosts a 4th of July party annually, complete with live music, food, booze, and of course, views of the fireworks from the boardwalk. Get there early so you can enjoy the sun, sand, Luna Park, and the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest which starts at 10am!

*Honorable Mention: Riis Park Beach Bazaar! Home to Rockaway beach,  this oceanside hub features live-music, world-class food vendors, and beach equipment rentals all summer. Sadly, they don't have any exclusive events scheduled but they'll be open at 11am this Independence Day if you want to get your surf and snacks on!

Rooftop Realness


We all know Gotham is famous for its skyline views and when it comes to the fireworks, elevation is key. We love 230 5th Avenue’s 4th of July Rooftop bash. With no reservations, a $20 entrance fee, and food served until midnight, you can’t go wrong with this hotspot situated in Chelsea.

Moving up, there’s Northern Territory in Brooklyn, with a $60 cover and drink specials on Jell-O shots and frozen cocktails. This fiesta at one of Brooklyn’s hottest rooftops is not to be missed.

Finally, you can catch a concert at Output’s legendary rooftop in Greenpoint for just $15 this Independence Day. Doors open at 3pm for drinks and live music-- at 10pm after the fireworks make your way downstairs to their club to hit the dance floor and shake your patriotic stuff. If your rooftop hunger still isn’t satiated check out this list for other spots to hit this July!

Party on the ground!


You don’t need to be above sea level to have a good time. And for those with a fear of heights, this is the jam for you. Long Island Flea, just over the water in Queens, hosts a July 4th party with FREE admission. Bring some cash so you can take advantage of their array of local food and drink vendors, but the plaza, with breathtaking views of the city and the fireworks is open well before and after the fireworks.

If you’re feeling extra American, Brooklyn Grange hosts a 21+ summer camp on their Navy Yard Farm, complete with unlimited beer and wine, hearty American food and vegetables, crafts, and contests. This is the perfect darty for those with work on the 5th and want something to scratch their party itch before bedtime. Tickets are $85.

Finally, there’s July 4th Extravaganza, hosted by House of Yes, Brooklyn’s hottest nightclub. This event brings day-drinking to the next level with barbeque and veggie options, frozen slushie drinks, courtyard dancing and a full lineup of sexy DJs. The party starts at 2 and stretches until midnight, so get your dancing shoes on, and if you show up before 5, entry is free!

Keep it low-key.

If you’re looking to skip the beer and just have a picnic or see the fireworks away from the hustle and bustle we’ve got some quaint (as quaint as New York City can be) spots to get away from it all.


The Travis Parade, which is over a hundred years old, takes place in Staten Island. Situated in a town that has a history that surpasses colonial days, this parade is perfect for those searching for an authentic, old-fashioned, blueberry pie 4th of July experience. The parade starts at noon and if you take the ferry in, you can catch the Statue of Liberty as you journey over!

Every year, Lincoln Center hosts a dance-athon on Independence Day entitled Midsummer Night’s Swing. This year is hosted by the Mambo Legends Orchestra, and arriving early garners you a free dance class to master your footwork before the party starts. Tickets start at $17, so grab a partner and hit up “New York City’s Best Dance Party Under the Stars.”

Grand Ferry Park, a former ferry landing situated in Williamsburg is quiet and tree-lined but still offers beautiful views of the New York City skyline and more importantly, the fireworks. Grab some friends, some lawn chairs, and some beers to host your own free 4th of July bash. If Grand Ferry Park is too crowded, you can also sneak over to Williamsburg’s less popular East River State Park for a private viewing!

Woo! We hope one of these events piques your interest.  for gathering our intel for the hottest events in NYC we love Time Out New York or NYCGo. Peruse and plan to your heart’s content.

Surviving and Thriving in NYC

You can only be so prepared. You can do the research, you can find the perfect neighborhood, you can have your guarantors, your co-guarantors, and your co-co-guarantors ready for battle, and even then you can find yourself coming up short. The fact is: New York City is expensive. Rent prices are skyrocketing, student loans are looming, and well...I can’t stop buying Kombucha.  

Let’s say you’ve got rent taken care of. Awesome! But a new apartment comes with new expenses, especially if you’re fresh out of college like me. This includes furniture, utilities, internet/cable (a necessity, if I do say so myself), among other expenses. I didn’t realize how quickly this all adds up when faced against my entry-level salary. Let’s break it down, and get to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of affordable housing in NYC, which I promise isn’t an oxymoron!

Furniture. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Or, as I said to myself, Jose, you’re not in a dorm room anymore. Furniture is not cheap, and let’s not forget about the hassle of transporting them. The average mattress, if it isn’t made of water, ranges from $860 to $2300. Also, side note, what is up with these mattress materials? Foam. Water. Air. Is this what is being used to make what I sleep on or the makeup of some really lame Last Airbender ripoff? Anyways, let’s split the difference and say I paid for a mattress smack in the middle of those numbers at $1580. Splitting that up over a year, on top of my rent, I’m already paying $130 a month. Or as I like to think of it, 21 happy hour margaritas at my favorite bar. Not cool. I’ll stop at mattresses, but as you can see, the price of furniture starts to stack up.*

*Editor’s note: In regards to just couches, Apartment Therapy says you can “get a beauty” for $2,500-$3,000, or as I read it, for 2 and a half to 3 months of my rent. Clearly they didn’t see this atrocity for just $120 on IKEA.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.46.22 PM.png

Moving forward, let’s think about our other monthly expenses. An unlimited monthly MetroCard costs $121. SmartAsset lists utilities averaging at about $147 a month, and internet at roughly $50. Splitting this with a roommate or two means about $65-100 a month extra (though more roommates means more showers!). With all those extra bills, now I know why people are so crazy about natural’s because they don’t want to use the light that costs money. Then of course there’s, y’know, the other important stuff: like fun. Or investing into creative endeavors. OR KOMBUCHA. Where do I find the funds for those things? Yes, fancy fermented drinks may not be the most important, but personal wellbeing is, and that comes in many forms. Yoga. Art classes. Trivia nights. Acupuncture. Those things shouldn’t take a backseat either! So what is the answer?

The answer is, it depends, but it definitely isn’t just living paycheck-to-paycheck and hoping for the best. Budget, and track your expenses. See where your wallet is suffering. Maybe it’s time to stop spending $6/day at Starbucks and start brewing coffee at home. Yes, the bodega on the corner is closer, but when eggs are twice the cost, you might want to take the time to brave the line at Trader Joe’s. But, please, I beg you, do not go on a Sunday. See what free events NYC has to offer! As you can tell by this article, a whole lot of people are struggling, but we can struggle together! At the park, or at free rollerblading in DUMBO, or free rooftop movies, or even free yoga.

There really are all kinds of way to cut costs. I know people who time their showers, people who cook for the whole week in advance so they won’t have to buy lunch at work, people who bike 4-6 months out of the year. These small sacrifices will help lend an easiness to the stress of financial woes, and with some wiggle room, you can start to invest in what’s important, to better your NYC life and NYC brain. When you start to develop a healthy relationship with your wallet in the big city, things can really open up. I’m here to tell you you’re not alone, and thousands of people are finding ways to make it work. Because at the end of the day, the city that never sleeps is worth it, whether you’re a teacher, a fashion blogger, a Zumba instructor or an actor, we’ll all be trapped on a subway at one point or another, so let’s buckle down and have some fun (thriftily)!

9 Things You Can Do Now That You Live in New York City

1. Complain about the MTA

Ugh! You’re not really familiar with the whole infrastructure, and the 7-train is more of a myth to you than an actual subway line, but 6 minutes for the next 1 train? That is TOO LONG! You’re feeling the rage, so why not take to social media and show your friends how NYC you really are and tweet at the MTA? "Do better MTA!!!" you scream. “I totally have opinions about mass transit!!!!” you insist. Boom. You’re a New Yorker now.




2. Get your brunch on!

There’s really only one way to have time for what’s important as a New Yorker and it’s by merging your meals. You’ve seen it on TV, you can’t walk 3 feet in the West Village without seeing eggs benny in your peripheral, and now you want in. Take advantage of bottomless mimosas and splurge on that side of avocado. You earned it!


3. Use the hashtag #NYC

You set the Facebook status, you’ve used the geotag and the Snapchat filter, but there’s still a very small chance that people don’t know you live in the greatest city in the world now!! Even if the location on your Instagram is “Manhattan, New York” it’s important it reflects in the caption too. Dive right into that hashtag pool and don’t come up for air until you’ve hit “share.” Maybe even throw in some fun ones like #transplant or #cityliving






4. Walk aggressively

Saunter across the middle of 8th Avenue like you own the place. The blinking “Don’t Walk” sign is way more of a suggestion than a hard fast rule anyway. Crossing in the middle of the block isn’t just convenient, it’s necessary. Bump elbows with tourists and give them dirty looks-- sure, you don’t know which way the High Line is either, but you’re not gonna stand around on the corner while you Google it! You looked it up before you left the apartment and you’ll be damned if you’re gonna consult the directions in public.





5. Make fun of New Jersey

They deserve it.


6. Order Chinese food at 2 AM

It’s the first thing every New Yorker complains about when they visit other places: why does everything close so early? You know that once you’re back in Indiana, you won’t be able to satisfy those cravings for late night Chinese food that totally plagued you before you moved here, so seize the moment now! Make sure to put something hilarious in the special instructions on Seamless like “extra fortune cookies please!! :)”




7. Embrace apathy

What is it about New Yorkers that lets them shut off completely when a subway performer is dancing their heart out on the express train? A good ole dose of black coffee and apathy. You don’t need to say goodbye to your skinny vanilla lattes, but you do have to say goodbye to your empathy center: it’s the only way to fit in. Soon, just like all real New Yorkers, you will be immune to your surroundings and emotions. All you need to do is ignore them!!


8. Be cool around celebrities

That’s right. You 100% rode the subway with Neil Patrick Harris the other day and only texted 3 people! You still have that selfie with him from when you saw him in Hedwig, so it totally didn’t feel necessary to get one this time. You’re so used to it at this point, you barely even noticed. Celebrities are just part of your everyday life now that you live here.







9. Get uppity about real estate

Start saying things like “pre-war” and count how many blocks peoples apartment are from the train. Travis is paying HOW much to live in that shoebox? Well he’s a darn fool. You would know, you’ve been here for 6 whole weeks. Asking someone how much they pay for rent is the new “what do you do for a living”, so get nosy! Besides, if you’re paying under $2K for an apartment that includes everything, you can grill your coworker for not having a dishwasher.

Have a Spring Fling with NYC

By Jose Useche, resident blogger

Spring has sprung in New York City! What does this mean? It means everyone smiles a little more, it means everyone arrives earlier to work so they can leave before 5, and it means NYC just got a whole lot sweeter (read: Rosé slushies). Here are some ways you can gnab the most from your spring experience in the Big Apple.

1. Go outside!


NYC is home to over 1,700 parks. Sure we all know about Central Park and Bryant Park but what else is there? For starters, we highly recommend Brooklyn Bridge Park. Get ready for the best view of Manhattan, a restored 1920’s Carousel, a river esplanade, ice-cream, rollerskating, and some sick pizza over at Grimaldi’s. If not Brooklyn Bridge Park, do some lazy strolling on New York City’s High Line: 1.4 miles of abandoned, elevated train track, home to wooden lounge chairs, eccentric abstract murals and sculptures, and an expansive view of the Hudson. Grab a bite at Chelsea Market and make your way up through the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, and the Hudson Yards. You can thank us later!


2. Witness some flower realness


If you’re still in Brooklyn, take the train a little further south to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Engage in 52 acres of stunning gardens and exhibits, just in time for cherry blossom season, which the organization is famous for. They even have a live interactional map where you can see which trees on the esplanade have bloomed!  You can go as a general admit, or sign up for one of their Seasonal Highlights Tour. They have multimedia presentations and even a plant sale! Tickets are only $15 for adults. OR, head north to hit up the New York Botanical Garden. Taking the 2/5 to Allerton St. gets you blocks away from from a 250 acre landscape, complete with a museum and over one million living plants. Head this weekend just in time for the Garden Art & Antiques Fair or their Plein-Air invitational, in which guests will witness over 20 artists showcase their talent across the garden grounds- guests have an opportunity to do a little painting of their own as well. If you can’t make it this weekend, no worries, the Garden hosts all kinds of special events, from their Mother’s Day Weekend “Garden Party” to outdoor opera presented by the Glimmerglass Festival. Lets not forget good ‘ole general admission and walking audio tours.


3. Two words: Street Fairs

When the weather’s nice, one can’t help but wanting to do everything in the sun. This includes buying local art, eating gourmet food, and drinking craft beers. Guess what? YOU CAN DO ALL THREE IN THE SAME PLACE. Having just opened in the beginning of April, Smorgasburg, referred to as the “The Woodstock of Eating” by the New York Times is home to over 100 local vendors. With Williamsburg on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sundays, you can spend all weekend eating like the Spring King (or Queen) you are. If you’ve had enough of Brooklyn, head on over to the Long Island City Flea Market, opening up in less than a month. Buy some accent pieces to complement your new digs, drink a cold brew at one of their many beer garden partners, and bask in the view of the East River and yet another angle of New York’s glorious skyline. Make sure to check out the Hester Street Fair, Brooklyn Flea, and the Chelsea Flea Market too!

4. Special Events


Unique only to the springtime (and spilling into summer) NYC hosts some killer arts and cultural events once the April showers clear out. Bronx Week, which takes place May 10-20 showcases some of the Bronx’s finest talent, food vendors and art. With live concerts, a “black-tie star studded event” known as the Bronx Ball, and a parade to close out the week, venture uptown to learn and embrace NYC’s northernmost borough, complete with a trolley tour and even an outdoor performance of Swan Lake. If you’re feeling artsy, Frieze New York is the event for you. The very first weekend of May, head over to a custom, serpentine white tent on NYC’s illustrious Randall’s Island for an international art fair. With over 200 art galleries from around the globe and premier food from around the city, you can get fed and uppity with panel discussions and lectures led by leading art critics and theorists. Finally, get in gear from some free, yes that’s right, free Shakespeare in the Park, produced by New York’s hottest off-Broadway theatre, the Public. With famous Broadway and film actors taking the stage at Central Park’s the Delacorte tickets go fast (also the “free” part doesn’t hurt) so make sure to check the website and get in line early to snag a seat for this seasons productions of Othello and Twelfth Night!

5. Game Day!


You know we couldn’t leave out baseball! Having only started just a couple weeks ago, baseball season is in full swing, and who can say no to beer, hot dogs, and crushing the Red Sox? Take the D train straight to Yankee Stadium and get your game face on or take the 7 to Mets-Willets Point to cheer for New York’s younger National League Franchise, the Mets. Learn the chants, throw popcorn and embrace your competitive side this Spring. We recommend checking out for discount tickets or keep your eyes peeled on the MLB website for coupon codes and deals! Also, if the stadiums have got you feeling sporty, Chelsea Piers, a sports and entertainment complex, offers all kinds of adult classes, camps, and even leagues to scratch that athletics itch. Golf along the Hudson on their four-tiered outdoor driving range, learn some adult gymnastics, or go rock climbing in an 11,000 square foot indoor, dynamic climbing range.

Turning Moving Nightmares into Daydreams

By Jose Useche, resident blogger

So, you’re making the big move to NYC and have some doubts. You know you have an idea of the drama that may accompany a new apartment in the city that never sleeps, but not in detail. More importantly, you wouldn’t even know how to avoid it. Well, we’ve got some reality for ya, delivered fresh from actual testimonies of NYC residents and their nightmare experiences. But don’t let these stories scare you into becoming a mom’s-house-lifer. We’re here to tell you how to avoid the issues our friends ran into.

The nightmare:

“My mattress company had to wait five minutes for me to show up and then when I arrived drove away from me with my mattress and I had to sleep on the floor for an entire week because that mattress was on backorder.” - Caroline Gorland, actress

The dream:

Hey, we’ve all heard “anytime from 10am-3pm on Monday” from the cable company. The fact is, we have lives. For situations like this, we recommend scheduling a day when you have no plans, or see if you can have a friend or roomie patrol the stoop with you. You can never have too much coverage when it comes to flakey delivery services! The real dream is to avoid the delivery all together and have your apartment come fully furnished.  At Roomors, with our included Tuft & Needle mattresses, you won’t have to worry about any negligent delivery man leaving you to rest your head on our floors (though they are clean!). We got your back at bedtime. Literally.

The nightmare:

“We moved in right after the place was freshly renovated and it wasn't set up with a cable for TV/Internet yet, so [...] the internet company had to send a guy to physically drill a hole straight through an exterior wall in our building, which coincidentally was in my bedroom. He wasted no time in hitting a water pipe and I stood in the doorway and watched a ton of water start spraying all over this guy and onto the floor […] I had to run downstairs into my building's basement and shut off the water for the people in the apartments above me just so it would stop. So one internet cable ended up being a three-day situation involving the internet company, my building supervisor, a plumber, and someone to patch the big hole in the wall once it was all fixed.” - Joe Kurzawa, designer

The dream:

This is...unique. Whenever having something major like a hole being drilled in the exterior wall of your apartment we recommend having the super present. Sure, it may seem uptight, but as our friend Joe has taught us, better safe than sorry. Plus, hopefully with a building supervisor present the locations of vital utilities won’t be missed. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my bedroom walls hole-free, and at Roomors we can give you that, plus wi-fi is already included! Binge-watch to your heart’s content.

The nightmare:

“We had a faulty/old part in our kitchen sink faucet. While my roommate was using it, the water pressure built so high that it caused one of the knobs to shoot off and our kitchen was flooded, which dripped into our super's apartment downstairs, which evidently also dripped into the landlords office below them. It took them two months after the initial flood to come and look at it and see what had caused it, and another two months to actually fix it. We had to wash our dishes in the tub” - Dottie Davis, model

The dream:

Negligent or absent super? So not cool. Your super works for you, you are paying rent after all! A super, building manager or landlord should be available and easily contacted when needed. As for Roomors, you can contact us directly through text or email and we’ll get a repairman over to you before you even consider washing dishes in your tub. Did we mention all of our apartments have dishwashers? ;)

The nightmare:

“Subletting from a guy who didn't pay our rent or utilities for months even though [we] always paid him on time, the electric got shut off and [we] almost got evicted.” - Maureen Edwards, teacher.

The dream:

At Roomors, we like to see the good in people. It’s nice to assume positive intent, but when it comes to things like money, it’s important to get serious. Sign a contract, know your rights, and ensure your bills are getting paid! Feel free to contact ConEd or the landlord of your temporary digs to make sure your money is going into their pockets. However, not being able to commit to a year-long lease does not mean you have to sublet from a shady stranger-- it’s 2018 people! At Roomors we know sometimes your stay in the city is a relationship, not a marriage. With lease terms for as little as 3 months, skip the sublet and never shower in the dark when someone keeps your utility money. Oh, and utilities are included in your rent anyway.

Look, life is hard and things come up, especially in New York City. Sometimes you drop your cell phone in the toilet. Sometimes your mom keeps trying to set you up with her dentist’s son. Sometimes you are the dentist’s son. While some disasters are unavoidable, minimize the ones that happen at home with an all-inclusive, community-based, affordable living experience. Also, maybe give the dentist’s son a shot.

Making your move stress-free

Whether you’re moving to a new city, or just to a new apartment a few blocks away, moving is an extremely stressful process. Luckily, Roomors makes moving in New York City as hassle-free as possible, with our community managers, easy application, and all-inclusive rents. Still there are always inevitable annoyances. Here are some of our best tips to make your move as smooth as possible:

You always need more time than you think

One of the greatest things about moving into an all-inclusive Roomors apartment is that you don’t need to bring much. Still, leave yourself enough time to pack up your personal belongings. Throwing all of your things in a suitcase may seem like something you can do quickly, but you’d be surprised how much time it can actually take. Plan out the amount of time you think you’ll need- and then add a little more!

Don’t pack everything- yet!

Leave a few essentials that you will need to de-stress out until the last minute. Books, candles, or a notebook that will help you unwind are easy to throw in your bag right before you leave. Keeping your de-stressers out for as long as you can will maximize your zen-time during your move.

Move while moving

When moving, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is exercising, but that could be just the boost you need. You will feel the effects of being inside all day packing and then unpacking. Find time to step outside for a bit -even a quick jog or walk around the block will do wonders for your mood, and help you get to know your new hood!

Accept help

The Roomors team is here to help you make your move as seamless as possible, and make your life here in New York City stress-free. In addition to us, your new community of friends and roommates will be happy to help you navigate- whether you need advice, directions, or just someone to grab a beer with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your Roomors team and community, and don’t be shy to accept it!

Make a list of fun things to do

If moving is stressing you out, get pumped by thinking of all of the things that you’re going to do once you're settled in! If you need some inspiration, check out our newsletter “Weekly Roomors”, and our instagram- we are always sharing recommendations for fun things to do around NYC. And don’t forget to join our Slack channel for updates on upcoming Roomors community events!

Take your time saying goodbye

Moving takes up a lot of physical and emotional energy. It may seem exhausting to designate time to proper goodbyes, but you will be happy that you did. And don’t forget: goodbyes aren’t just for your friends and roommates. Spend time with your apartment, your neighborhood, and your favorite local spots. No matter how much you love your new neighborhood and your Roomors apartment, you will miss your old stomping grounds.

We hope these tips can be helpful for your next move. Remember, do not hesitate to contact the Roomors team so we can help make your move in New York City stress-free.

St. Patrick's Day in the City
ST Patricks.jpg

By Syd Baran, Head of Community

If you’ve ever wondered what NYC would look like if it transformed itself into a modern-day Emerald city? Get ready because on March 17th,  Manhattan will be turning GREEN in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

In the simplest of terms it marks the death of Saint Patrick; Ireland’s most celebrated patron saint. The  Saint Patrick’s festivities commemorate Saint Patrick but also created the impetus for the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. So, whether you’re are new to the city or have been in the big apple for years; the Roomors Community Team wants you to find out  how to best celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with these ideas.

By far, the most popular event is none other than the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade. The first official St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC was held in 1766 by Irish military men serving in the American colonies. The parade begins on 44th street  running up 5th avenue at 11 am. With prohibiting floats, autos, or exhibits, and there are more than 150,000 performers every year.

Some other events not to miss this week include:

If you came to NYC to live your Broadway Dream

Monday March 12: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Broadway Style 1604 Broadway, New York, NY Midtown West

Check the Opry City Stage to see members of musicals from Waitress, ONCE and Carousel sing their heart out to raise money for VH!’s Save the Music Foundation. The event is free of charge but we highly recommend that you give them a ring to save you and your roommate a spot ahead of time  212-388-5565

If you’re reminiscing about your year abroad in Berlin

March 15-18  Lorely Beer Garden 7 Rivington St, New York, NY Lower East side

Check out this heated outdoor beer garden for an entire weekend of celebrations. Thursday night: Ceremonial green beer tapping. Saint Patrick’S Day Eve includes a happy hour from 6-8pm. $7 Guinness, green lager, Jameson and Jager , followed by a free Guinness glassware engraving.

If you wish to explore NYC’s bars

March 16-18 Various Locations ( Drink Your Way Around NYC During a PUB CRAWL

If you enjoy day drinking then this is the event for you. Join the annual pub crawl which gets you access to drink specials at over fifty locations around the city.  $20 for a three day all access pass

If you are curious what a 150 year old pub looks like in NYC

March 17: Drink a Pint at McSoley’s Old Ale House 15 E 7th St, East Village

The only options at this renown pub is “light” or “dark” beer

If you’re more of a whiskey drinker

March 17th: Whiskey Factory Tour, Brooklyn Navy Yard 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY

In honor of the 19th century “whiskey wars”, when Marines from the Brooklyn Navy Yard prohibited illegal whiskey distilling, Kings County Distillery will open its doors for a special 90 minute Saint Patricks Day tour. It will give you the opportunity to look at distilling and taste numerous whiskeys.  The tour begins at 4:30pm, and tickers are available for $20 at the following address:

If you’re a foodie

March 17: Eat corned beef and cabbage at Molly’s Pub and Shebeen 287 3rd Ave, New York, NY Gramercy

Need something to soak up all the booze from the week? Skip the pizza this one time and head to this classic Irish joint for a traditional Irish meal consisting of corned beef and cabbage.


If you’re a romantic

March 17: Do green shots on the Haven Rooftop 132 W 47th St, New York, NY Midtown West

Get glammed up and enter the magical Haven Rooftop where they will be serving Jameson shots, Car Bombs and a $5 special green shot and Guinness

Starts at 12pm


If you came into this world to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE

March 17th : Emerald Kingdom w/ Eli Escobar vs. Eli Soul Clap House of Yes 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Imagine a world of saints, Kings and Queens in Castles built by legends put on your gold and emerald royal cloths and head to House of Yes. Don’t forget to adorn yourself with treasures and crystals of all kinds. Expect libations and potions galors; a world of fairies and fortunes, dragons and princess jousting and much more…

21+ Free before 11pm with RSVP only on Eventbrite; 10pm to 4pm

If DIY is your life

March 17th: Make your own St. Patty’s Beer Mug at Brooklyn Glass 142 13th St, Brooklyn, NY Gowanus

Prefer to explore the vessel through which people enjoy St. Patrick’s? Then get creative and make your own beer mug at this glass working class. 

Starts at 11am-Tickets:


Above all, we hope you will take this opportunity to reach out to your Roomors community and share your experience with us. Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts! Happy St. Patties!

Surviving Daylight Savings
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By Syd Baran, Head of Community

This week we have some good news for you! Daylight savings is right around the corner and we want to make sure our community is ready. This year, it is on Sunday, March 11. As you may have noticed it’s been getting lighter earlier and darker later.

Before we get into our best kept tips for losing an hour of sleep, (this might seem impossible, but I promise you Roomors fam, we will get through this together!), let’s explore some facts.

Daylight savings can be attributed to none other than Benjamin Franklin whose idea it was to reset clocks in the summer months in order to conserve energy. In essence, by moving clocks forward, people could take advantage of the extra evening daylight rather than wasting energy on lighting. However, keep in  mind that DST did not officially begin until Germany enforced it in 1916 as a way to conserve fuel during WWI. By 1918, the US officially adopted daylight saving time. Oddly, the practice of shifting clocks an hour forward in the spring and summer has much more impact than just helping to save energy. Studies have shown a slight uptick in heart attacks the day after the time change as well as an increased chance of stroke in the two days following. Not to mention people are less happy and often cranky the week after daylight savings kicks in.

The good news is that there are strategies to help you adjust to the change in a day or less:

Saturday night might seem like the perfect occasion to go out and get a couple of drinks, but you’ll feel the impact long past the hangover when the clocks shift ahead. This is because alcohol actually wakes you up at night and makes it more difficult to sleep like a baby. So do yourself a favor and stick to those mocktails on March 11.

Next, we suggest getting on a consistent sleep schedule. One study found that people who stick to a rigid sleep schedule sleep better immediately following the time change than those who don’t. While there isn't a golden amount of sleep that will leave everyone perfectly rested and energized, most people thrive on 7-9 hours of sleep.

We suggest going to bed and waking up 15 minutes earlier in the four days before daylight saving time begins. By the time the clocks jump an hour ahead you’ll already be fully adjusted.

To supplement this a 20 minute nap may not only help you catch up on lost sleep but also reduce the mental anguish of having an hour of sleep rudely stolen from you.

We hope these tips will help you get through daylight savings time. Keep in mind that while we may be losing an hour of sleep, we are only getting closer to summer. In this spirit, we hope you will find these tips helpful and please let us know how they work out for you.