Roomrs Scholarship Program: Spring Semester Edition

Just as the leaves are beginning to fall, the winter coats are coming out, and the holiday season is creeping up, fall semester is slowly but surely coming to a close.

What does that mean? Well plenty of things of course! For starters, it’s almost Finals Week!!! But more importantly, it’s time for Roomrs’ Second Biannual Scholarship Program!

Since the program is still fairly new, I am here to explain everything you need to know (and then some) so you can fill out your application, and tell your friends to apply, or your friend’s friends to apply, or your family, or maybe even tell your family’s friends (or friend’s family, I don’t know your life, just spread the word, okay?)

First and foremost, what exactly is the Roomrs’ Scholarship Program you ask?

In short, this is an application-based program that occurs twice a year (before each new semester). For each winner, Roomrs will defray the cost of rent in a Roomrs apartment for the entire upcoming semester!

TL;DR: you get a free fully-furnished (amenities included) room for all of Spring 2019!

Sounds like a great deal, but why does Roomrs want to give away a room for free?

In all honesty, it’s pretty simple actually. Roomrs’ mission is not just to offer affordable, convenient housing. Our mission is also to help build a strong community of generous, thoughtful, and collaborative people. We believe in creating a space that supports and fosters your personal growth. We believe in the power of giving back and helping those around us. And we wholeheartedly believe that “community” begins with you.

Each semester we look to find exemplary students who have a passion for making a difference and a desire to be a positive example for their surrounding community. Each semester we reward one of these students by defraying their rent, because we believe in what they’re doing and want to help them to create a greater impact. An impact on their current community, an impact on our Roomrs community, and an impact on the communities that they will surround themselves with in the future.

Okay cool, but do i QUALIFY?

You qualify for the program if you are:

  • 18+ years old

  • A legal resident of the United States or have a valid U.S. Student Visa

  • Currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited college or university in NYC

  • Have a valid student ID, transcript, or other proof of enrollment

  • Maintaining a 3.5+ GPA

What if i’m already a Roomrs resident. Do i still qualify?

Absolutely! There is only one small difference for Roomrs residents…

If you are a current Roomrs resident and are chosen as the scholarship winner, you must live out your current lease terms before Roomrs can offer to defray your rent. You will just need to inform us of when your current lease will end and confirm that you will still be a full-time student at the time that your reward would kick in. As long as that’s the case, you qualify, so get applying!

so i get it, but how do i apply?

To apply, you must submit one of the following:

  • 800-1500 word essay

  • 7-10 minute video

In your application you must tell us:

  • A bit about yourself

  • How you’ve contributed to your community

  • How you will contribute to the Roomrs Community as a member

  • How the scholarship will positively impact you

Outside of those requirements, you can share whatever you would like, so feel free to get creative and fun!

When and How do I submit my application?

Application Deadline: December 20th, 2018.
Submit all applications to:

The winner will be contacted the final week of December 2018!

For more information about Roomrs, the scholarship program, and anything else in between, check us out on Instagram (you can always send us a DM) or email us at!!