Making your move stress-free


Whether you’re moving to a new city, or just to a new apartment a few blocks away, moving is an extremely stressful process. Luckily, Roomors makes moving in New York City as hassle-free as possible, with our community managers, easy application, and all-inclusive rents. Still there are always inevitable annoyances. Here are some of our best tips to make your move as smooth as possible:

You always need more time than you think

One of the greatest things about moving into an all-inclusive Roomors apartment is that you don’t need to bring much. Still, leave yourself enough time to pack up your personal belongings. Throwing all of your things in a suitcase may seem like something you can do quickly, but you’d be surprised how much time it can actually take. Plan out the amount of time you think you’ll need- and then add a little more!

Don’t pack everything- yet!

Leave a few essentials that you will need to de-stress out until the last minute. Books, candles, or a notebook that will help you unwind are easy to throw in your bag right before you leave. Keeping your de-stressers out for as long as you can will maximize your zen-time during your move.

Move while moving

When moving, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is exercising, but that could be just the boost you need. You will feel the effects of being inside all day packing and then unpacking. Find time to step outside for a bit -even a quick jog or walk around the block will do wonders for your mood, and help you get to know your new hood!

Accept help

The Roomors team is here to help you make your move as seamless as possible, and make your life here in New York City stress-free. In addition to us, your new community of friends and roommates will be happy to help you navigate- whether you need advice, directions, or just someone to grab a beer with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your Roomors team and community, and don’t be shy to accept it!

Make a list of fun things to do

If moving is stressing you out, get pumped by thinking of all of the things that you’re going to do once you're settled in! If you need some inspiration, check out our newsletter “Weekly Roomors”, and our instagram- we are always sharing recommendations for fun things to do around NYC. And don’t forget to join our Slack channel for updates on upcoming Roomors community events!

Take your time saying goodbye

Moving takes up a lot of physical and emotional energy. It may seem exhausting to designate time to proper goodbyes, but you will be happy that you did. And don’t forget: goodbyes aren’t just for your friends and roommates. Spend time with your apartment, your neighborhood, and your favorite local spots. No matter how much you love your new neighborhood and your Roomors apartment, you will miss your old stomping grounds.

We hope these tips can be helpful for your next move. Remember, do not hesitate to contact the Roomors team so we can help make your move in New York City stress-free.