Roomrs Guide to Pride

by Jose Useche, resident blogger

It’s June, and if the rainbow flags and logos all across the city haven’t given it away, it’s LGBT Pride Month! Roomors cares deeply for all our residents, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and anything in between. Why? Because it’s 2018 and we’re a New York City company with New York City values. Any values that discriminate based on sexuality, gender or orientation are values we have no time for. We’re just out here trying to offer sublime all-inclusive housing to young professionals of all shapes and sizes so they can be safe and happy.

Anyways, if you’re new to NYC, or the notion of Pride Month, we’re here to teach you all about it.

First things first: What is “Pride Month?"

Pride Month is a month designated by the LGBT community to celebrate their queer identities. It is often accompanied by a series of events that can range from film festivals, parades, marches, parties, and more. Pride commemorates the Stonewall Riots of 1969, a time period in which homosexual activity was illegal, and very few bars and restaurants even allowed LGBT patrons in. A police raid of the infamous Stonewall Inn, a bar that did welcome LGBT patrons, incited a series of violent protests by the LGBT community and helped lead the gay liberation movement. We think it’s especially important to note that a great deal of inciters at the Stonewall riots were trans POC. Stonewall Inn still stands today, in the West Village. If you’re looking to get your pride on, Stonewall is a safe bet.


How does New York do Pride Month?

Like nowhere else. Each borough hosts its own Pride March, but the largest, Manhattan’s, is on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at noon. It begins at 16th Street and Seventh Avenue, walks down to Christopher Street, and continues up Fifth Avenue to 29th Street. You can’t walk in the parade unless you are registered as a volunteer or with an organization that is walking, but tons of bars along the routes host events or have seats for viewing. People often walk alongside the parade on the sidewalk, so be ready to make friends, take lots of photos, and see some fabulous outfits. Here are some other Pride events we love:


Pride Party Time

Want to dance your heart out this summer for pride? We figured as such.

Pride Island, formerly Dance on the Pier, is a 2 day LGBTQ cultural experience on Hudson River Park’s Pier 97. Essentially a concert on steroids, ending with a glamorous fireworks display, party by the river the weekend of the Pride Parade with some killer pop stars and indie artists this June. Performers include Tove Lo, Lizzo, Kylie Minogue and Sasha Velour. Dates are June 23-24th.


House of YES, Brooklyn’s premier nightclub hosts a pride event that isn’t to be missed next weekend. “House of Vogue” is Wednesday June 21st stretching into the early hours of Thursday (hellooo 4am end time). Prepare to be eligible for up to $300 in cash prizes and sweat as you dance along to DJ MikeQ and other special guests. Here’s House of YES’ disclaimer for their vogue ball:

“Vogue Balls are an intentional space for queer and trans people of color. You may know about Vogue from Madonna, but it has roots in the historically marginalised urban black and Latino gay and trans communities. If you are not from this community - you are a white or straight ally - please be mindful of the space you take up [...] As a white or straight ally, the best way you can show your support and appreciation for ball culture is by buying drinks at the bar. By patronizing the bar, you make it possible for our venue to continue providing space to cultures like this.”

Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door!

If you’re feeling extra exclusive this pride, NYC Pride and Brian Rafferty Productions host an annual VIP Rooftop Party, running 8 years strong. On the illustrious Hudson Terrace, this event features 3-levels of partying, 3 hit DJs and an unbeatable view. The levels? Rooftop, Outdoor Terrace, Saloon. Tickets start at $75.

We <3 Food and Charities

We love to eat,  and we love to eat more when it supports a cause. The Center, NYC’s LGBT Community Center hosts a Garden Party featuring tastings from NYC’s hottest restaurants, complete with seasonal cocktails and wine. Tickets are $99 and all proceeds go towards the center for an evening of bites from Boqueria, Vice & Gold, Ample Hills Creamery and more. The event is on Hudson River’s Pier 84, so brace yourself for a killer sunset as well.

Savor Pride, an event in partnership with God’s Love We Deliver, a charity that delivers free meals to those too sick to shop or cook for themselves, hosts an LGBTQ Culinary experience. Set on God’s Love outdoor terrace, prepare to have 5 premier LGBTQ chefs walk you through an evening of cooking demonstrations, tastings, and of course, delicious meals.

Art with Heart

Landmark Theatre hosts a special series of LGBTQ classic films from June 18-21. After each screening will be a reception with drink specials and tickets are free. The lineup, in order, is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Tangerine,” “Desperate Living,” and “The Boys in the Band.”


Queer/Art, a non-profit devoted to helping mentor and foster the talent of Queer artists has an annual showcase of their Queer/Art/Mentorship alumni, in partnership with the Wythe Hotel.  Queer/Art/Pride and will be held from June 21-22nd and 5% of ticket sales go to Visual AIDS, an organization dedicated to raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness through art. Tickets starts at $12! Along with Queer/Art/Pride The Wythe Hotel also features its own series of pride events this week with parties and performances.

Finally, join the Joyce Theater Foundation, a new partner of NYC Pride for a week of dance. The two companies being showcased are two trailbazing contemporary dance companies, MADBOOTS DANCE and Sean Dorsey Dance. MADBOOTS is a queer, all-male dance troupe, and Sean Dorsey Dance is pioneered by transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey. The two companies will be performing in repertory and tickets range from $10-$46.

At Roomors, we realize the importance of pride, and want our residents to as well. For our LGBT residents, we know that in a world where acceptance isn’t always guaranteed, it’s important to feel safe, loved, and encouraged to embrace your identity. These events are a great way to celebrate yourself and of course have some fun. For our straight ally’s we hope this history helps you better support your LGBT family, and hope that you engage this month too! For more ideas we love Pride’s official website calendar, and of course, Time Out New York.