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Why Us?

A Dynamic Workplace.
One of the great challenges (and to some of us one of the great blessings) of being a startup is the
dynamism. For us, every day is something new, something different, something exciting. And we believe
the ability to think on your feet is one of the most important skills anyone can have. Roomrs is a place
where every day is a chance for us to challenge ourselves and ultimately everybody around us. There’s
no roadmap for growth, and we want you to grow with us.

Diversity is 🔑

At Roomrs, we believe in the value of diversity of opinion and experiences. Community means so many
different things to so many different people, and in a company as focused on community as we are, it is
paramount that people feel comfortable. Everything about Roomrs is about teamwork, so we’re serious
about respect.

We don’t suck

We’re a lot of things. We’re designers, artists, connectors, engineers, marketing managers, influencers,
entrepreneurial spirits. We’re music lovers, film buffs, techies, outdoor enthusiasts. The only thing we’re
not, is boring. We like people who are interesting and interested, people who have a spark, who want to
learn more, to do more.